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Mon Nov 5 22:33:24 UTC 2012

Hi Dennis,

I don't know if anyone followed up off list, and I thought about not
responding, but your post is still bugging me several days later.

I understand all of the different reasons why someone shouldn't vote, or
why the democratic system in most countries that allow elections are
flawed, and to be honest, as a Canadian watching the US election, it is,
for me, a spectator sport (sadly, since our economy is closely tied to the
US economy in many ways).

The problem is very neatly summed up by Winston Churchill in his speech in
1947 "*No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it
has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all
those other forms that have been tried from time to time.*"

My problem with it is that the people are presented with an opportunity to
influence change through a vote, and as flawed a system as it is, it, along
with the courts, provide the only mechanisms that can be used to select
leadership and affect policy.  If all of the smart people who understand
how to apply game theory and are aware of the shenanigans fail to get
involved and motivate people, then ultimately all of the not-so-smart
people who can be swayed by talking points and stump speeches will be the
mass that choose the direction of the government.

I know the US election is tomorrow, and new information or activity at this
point would be ineffective, but it is just not practical to sit on the
side-lines and argue against the system.  If you have the right to vote,
you owe it to all of the people who don't have that right to exercise it,
no matter how flawed the system is.  You don't have to be a politician, but
there is more to democratic society than just casting a vote; for the
society to thrive it requires in engaging in political discourse with
friends and family, and promoting and living the ideals that its members
would aspire to, and it takes smart, principled people engaging in the
political process.

Sometimes it is good to leave the academic discussions in the Ivory Tower,
do the practical thing, and go out and vote!

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