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Hi, Im really interested to!
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Subject: Teachers wanted for OWASP challanges at hacking-lab

Hi fellow leaders!

The OWASP TopTen challenges are a great success:

*We currently have 1116 registered users and therefore, we are looking for
volunteers to increase the number of teachers!*

What is different?
The great difference between common hacking challenges and the challenges
at Hacking-Lab is, the solutions
are validated by real teachers!
*Real hands-on experience makes the difference, that's why OWASP has
decided to go this route. *

You cannot score the max points only by hacking. You have to supply details
about how you did it!
Furthermore, you have to come up with a detailed mitigation!

What we expect?
We need volunteers who are willing to log-in at the OWASP Hacking-Lab
challenge and validate the solution.
- log into the Hacking-Lab OWASP portal
- validate the solutions send in by the participants
- comment on the solutions and assign points
To protect Hacking-Lab's intellectual property, you will have to sign an

Send and email to ivan.buetler at owasp.org or martin.knobloch at owasp.org

Who is Hacking-Lab
Hacking-Lab provides a large set of Online Security Challenges to increase
your skill level with hands-on experience in the field of Network Security,
Penetration Testing, Web Application Security, Unix Security, Windows
Security, Reverse Engineering, Forensics and more.

Hacking-Lab does offer their online training service for free to OWASP.
Both OWASP and Hacking-Lab have signed the 'Letter of Intent' to make the
agreements open and transparent.
See the agreement: https://www.*owasp*.org/images/5/50/LOI_*Hacking*-*Labs*

Looking forward to welcome you to the team,


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