[Owasp-leaders] A new LinkedIn group for confirmed OWASP members only?

Helen Gao helen.gao at owasp.org
Tue Mar 27 03:12:32 UTC 2012

Dear OWASP leaders,

Do you think a new LinkedIn group for confirmed OWASP members will attract
new members? But will it alienate people? A decision will be made in
AppSecDC in April. Please reply with your opinion by Sunday, 4/2/12.

By the way, did you know that the existing Global OWASP Foundation LinkedIn
group <http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Global-OWASP-Foundation-36874> has
more than 10 thousand members? In just one week of March 11, 2012, 86
people joined, 12 discussions took place and 7 jobs were created.

A new LinkedIn group for confirmed members

What's the issue:

   - Currently there is a Global OWASP Foundation LinkedIn
   It is free and open.
   - OWASP Confirmed
   a subgroup that's designed for paid and honorary members only.

GMC’s recommendation – GMC discussed the matter in the March meeting.

   - The existing free and open LinkedIn
   not be changed or impacted by the new group.
   - The name of the group is OWASP Confirmed Member. Confirmed means paid
   and honorary membership.
   - A new, OWASP Confirmed Member subgroup is a good idea to increase

   - The new group should be used as and only as a digital membership card
   which is similar to the printable membership card currently issued at the
   end of a RegOnline payment transaction.
   - There should be no discussion, forum or other content restricted by
   this subgroup. OWASP material will remain free and open.
   - We should avoid wording that alienate people and deviate from the
   OWASP mission. We need to pay attention to content on OWASP website,
   RegOnline, marketing material, etc.
   - Protect member privacy in the subgroup
   - OWASP reserves the right to remove a subgroup member
   - There will be two ways to join the subgroup.
      1. RegOnline – There will be a check box that say something like
      this: Join LinkedIn for OWASP Confirmed Members: Yes/No LinkedIn for
      OWASP Confirmed Members is a …. This a subgroup of Global OWASP
      LinkedIn group which is open to all LinkedIn members. The default
      option is No.
      2. LinkedIn – A person can apply to join the subgroup on the webpage
      and a request will be sent to the group administrator. Once the
      email address is confirmed to be a current paid or honorary member then
      he/she will be added to the group.
   - A person will be removed from the group if his/her paid membership
      expires or he/she stops being qualified for honorary status.
   - Open issue -  Should all qualified people be automatically added to
   the group or each person has to request to join?

Helen Gao
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