[Owasp-leaders] Security 101 Mailing list

Michael Coates michael.coates at owasp.org
Tue Mar 13 15:46:57 UTC 2012


A few weeks back I started a thread about a security 101 list.  The idea is that this is a place we can direct people new to OWASP with any intro security questions.  Here we can respond with answers to their questions or provide links to OWASP projects, presentations, tools, etc.  We may even find out that the most common questions we don't have material available to address (i.e. future wiki doc or project ideas)

If you like this idea you can help out in the following ways:
1. Subscribe to the mailing list in order to help answer the questions 
2. Add the mailing lists in the end of your slide decks or presentations as a place where the audience can go with any sort of security or owasp question

security101 at lists.owasp.org



Michael Coates | OWASP
michael.coates at owasp.org | @_mwc

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