[Owasp-leaders] Fwd: More OWASP - Hacking-lab teachers wanted!

Martin Knobloch martin.knobloch at owasp.org
Wed Jul 25 14:26:08 UTC 2012

Hi OWASP leaders,

The "OWASP Top Ten" event on Hacking-Lab has been a great succes for OWASP
with almost 1700 registered!


Earlier this year, we had a event, giving away tickets to the OWASP AppSec
 conferences, what has been a great success, too!

A few days ago, the "OWASP Hackademic Challenge" event started (

Already 285 have registered for this event!

To keep up with the solutions send in, we need more teachers! The more
teachers we have, the less time we require a teachers.
If you are willing to help us out, please send in an email to Ivan and
myself (see CC: "Ivan Buetler" <ivan.buetler at owasp.org>)

What is OWASP / Hacking-lab:

Hacking-Lab is an online training environment. Different to the know
Capture The Flag (CTF) applications, to solve a challenge, you do not only
send in a token to get the points.
In Hacking-Lab, real teachers do validate the solution that has been send
in. For each challenge, we ask the student:

   - Explain the vulnerability
   - Show the exploit
   - Explain how to mitigate

As you as teachers do communicate with the student via messages when
validating the solution send in.
This makes the OWASP Hacking-Lab event and perfect training environment!

What are the teachers obligations:

   - Sign an NDA with Hacking-Lab, you will receive form Ivan when applying
   to become a teacher
   - Validating the solutions send in
      - Validate the solution
      - assign poits
      - tell the student

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