[Owasp-leaders] Something for your presenters?

Tom Brennan tomb at owasp.org
Fri Jul 20 15:31:46 UTC 2012

If you visit www.owasp.org and on the left navigation you will notice get owasp gear -- that links to:  http://store.rocksports.net/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=OWASP&Store_Code=2008&Category_Code=OWASP

What some chapters do is issue a coupon to speakers for $25 that they can use to buy from the store and debit the local chapter funds -- you can also use local chapter funds and buy a bunch of t-shirts, gear etc…  

On Jul 20, 2012, at 11:26 AM, Patrick Laverty wrote:

> A question for other chapter leaders, do you do anything for or give
> anything to your chapter meeting speakers? I often feel bad when I can
> tell that a speaker has put a great deal of effort and a few hours of
> their own time into a presentation and then at the end of the meeting
> I just look at him or her and say "thanks" and that's it. I'm just
> thinking of something like an OWASP tshirt or travel mug or something
> to say thanks.
> Is there something I'm missing or is it the same everywhere?
> "Thanks"
> Patrick Laverty
> OWASP Rhode Island (not in New York) Chapter Leader
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