[Owasp-leaders] Purpose of Leaders List

Michael Coates michael.coates at owasp.org
Tue Dec 11 01:09:14 UTC 2012


What do you want the OWASP leaders list to be used for?  Are you more
interested in discussing application security techniques, OWASP projects,
chapters, conferences & industry news?  Are you interested in OWASP
governance and internals being discussed here?

I ask because I'd like to find a place to regularly post notices of items
being discussed at the board level, new ideas for governance and  owasp
structure, OWASP budget and funds etc.  I realize some people may be
interested in this information and want to contribute and others may not.
I want to avoid having long threads on these topics in a place where the
majority of people are just deleting the emails.

So, my question is this - would you like OWASP governance items on the
OWASP leaders list? Or would you prefer the creation of OWASP-governance
mailing list that would specifically focus on this item?


Michael Coates | OWASP | @_mwc
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