[Owasp-leaders] Project Doby kod (Good Code)

Petr Závodský petr.zavodsky at owasp.org
Mon Dec 3 20:43:33 UTC 2012

Hi Leaders,
new subproject "Dobry kod" (in english: "Good Code" :)) (a followup part of
OWASP Web Application Security Accessibility Project):


Users with sight impairment, dyslexia, and other similar conditions may
experience difficulties with reading the encrypted characters in the
picture of a CAPTCHA code.

For this reason picture-based security tests can be supplemented with audio
version, where the sound is distorted to prevent unwanted bots form
accessing the information. Unfortunately, safely encrypted audio recordings
are less discernible or almost indiscernible even for users with perfect
hearing. Further difficulties can arise due to different phonetic systems
of the user's language and the language of the recording.

Please, send me your questions, objections etc.


Petr Zavodsky

OWASP Czech Republic
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