[Owasp-leaders] SMote iPhone App - Request for Feedback

Yiannis Pavlosoglou yiannis at owasp.org
Mon Aug 27 22:54:35 UTC 2012

Hi leaders,

We have been working with a friend on a secure messaging app for the iPhone.

Post all sorts of testing and prior to submitting it to the Apple AppStore, we are seeking your feedback on it.

No, this is not an attempt to get free consultancy or a free penetration test from anyone on the list (believe me we have tried to cover that) nor is it an attempt to get more beta testers on it (there is a dedicated group just for that too)!

From one application security individual to another, this is a simple request for feedback.

Anyone who is interested in participating, please email me the UDID of a respective iOS5+ device you will install the app on.

We plan to make this worth your while by granting you a free download (you won't have to pay the whole £1.50 we will be requesting to cover our hosting) if Apple ever approves the security controls we have put in this project.

Thank you kindly,


PS. For the record, as this is not an attempt of security by obscurity, if you do feel like smashing our servers or having a look at under the hood of the SMote App, you are more than welcome. Simply let me know that you plan to do so and from which IP address(es).

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