[Owasp-leaders] List of Accepted Students at GSoC 2012

Zaki Akhmad za at owasp.org
Tue Apr 24 06:18:41 UTC 2012

Hi list,

Here's the list of students accepted at GSoC 2012

google/gsoc2012/cosminstefanxp/42001,Cosmin Stefan,[ZAP Project]
Redesign of site crawler with of sessions awareness,OWASP Foundation
google/gsoc2012/guifre/48006,Guifre Ruiz,Enhanced AJAX Integration in
ZAProxy,OWASP Foundation
google/gsoc2012/pragya18nsit/7001,Pragya,Hackademic CMS,OWASP Foundation
google/gsoc2012/edil/60002,Rauf Butt,SOAP Web Services server for
AppSensor ,OWASP Foundation


Zaki Akhmad
OWASP Indonesia

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