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Late reply on this thread, but here it goes. Rapid fire suggestions for
trying something new are as follows.  I'm sure some are repeats at least
they'll serve as emphatic points:

1. Meetup.com.  If you haven't tried it, its great.  Best part is twofold -
RSVP ease of use, ease of communication on new updates, and seeing what
other groups people belong to.
2. Use the newly creater Chapter Sponsor Designation - Before there was
corporate and membership sponshorship choices.  Now companies can sponsor a
local chapter.Get a lead to focus only on this. Sponsorships truly make a
break a chapter in my opinion. Sponsorship comes in many forms technology
contributions, locales, money of course, etc. All makesto enhance the
monthly events.
3. Get technology sponsorships.  We're using WebEx (free of charge by
Cisco) to stream meetings live. Works great so that your members can stream
the prezos/ labs/ demos to their home.  Video enabled and best part is that
its free. Get inroads to a technology vendor so that your members can watch
remotely, definitely adds interest.
4. University Ties - So important to tie in with CS faculty members in
order to get them to mention the groups role and presence in class, etc.
5. Run a lab - At least twice a year (if not more) forego the powerpoints
and make a lab happen. Get VMs on a local network so that people can get
their hands dirty.
6. As a leader, do at least one prezo a year on an OWASP project or tool.
It'll help to truly show a dedicated time period on a specific project.
Even better is to have a dedicated 5-10 minutes on a particular tool/
project in order to inform the chapter on what's brewing in the land of
OWASP projects and may even catapult a member to get involved.

On the note of teaming up with other local associations, all I can say is
that its always nice to get a fuller audience, it better to get an audience
that understands and appreciates the content being delivered and are not
necessarily CPE hunting. For that matter, I for example, have been
approached for teaming up with various orgs in ATL and I'll say thanks but
no thanks b/c it will dilute from the level of experience that we have from
our regular attendees.  If you do merge for a month or, I would do it under
the context of an open house.  December is a good month to have an InfoSec
open house and get multiple InfoSec or Dev groups together and understand
the format and content that is spoken of at various groups.

Hope this helps.

Tony UV

On Mon, Apr 9, 2012 at 9:26 PM, Justin Searle <justin.searle at owasp.org>wrote:

> While not new advise, one of the best things you can do for your
> chapter is schedule the next year worth of meetings in advanced.
> Choose to do meetings monthly or quarterly and put a calendar on your
> OWASP chapter page.  This will help people plan for the events and
> encourage them to share those plans with other.  We avoided doing this
> in the SLC chapter due to fact that the chapter leaders were traveling
> consultants and couldn't predict our schedule and would schedule
> meetings one week in advance on every other month or so.  We finally
> just committed to finding someone to lead the chapter meeting even if
> none of the official leaders could attend and scheduled the next year
> worth of monthly meetings.  Within 2-3 months we doubled our meeting
> attendance and also found a lot more volunteers to help present at our
> meetings.  If we don't have a volunteer, we always plan on just having
> an open hacking night where we just spend some time learning whatever
> new tools we've been wanting to play with.  Regardless, most of our
> meetings, with or without a volunteer presenter, are hands-on where we
> learn more skills.  This also helps drive attendance and distinguishes
> us from other groups like ISSA.
> Here is another suggestion, which is somewhat new.  Considering
> joining forces with other local security groups.  I recently formed a
> new group "UtahSec" and merged the local SLC OWASP chapter, our local
> DEFCON 801 chapter, and the local Snort Users Group under that UtahSec
> title.  We've set up a board with representatives for each group and
> try to cycle through subjects in our meeting.  This helped make us
> have one strong local security group instead of three weak security
> groups.
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