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Chris Schmidt chris.schmidt at owasp.org
Mon Apr 16 22:02:43 UTC 2012

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The ESAPI Project has several sponsorship opportunities available. In an
effort to take the ESAPI Project to the next level of professionalism
and maturity we are in the process of bringing up several new pieces -
the first of which is the new ESAPI Portal. Currently this portal site
is hosted on a shared host on my personal hosting service. As you can
imagine this is a fairly limited setup and as such we are looking for a
new home for the portal as well as the additional services that will be
coming online over the next several weeks.

Additionally, we are now in the planning phase for an ESAPI Hack-A-Thon
called ESAPI Evolvd 2012 to take place in Denver, Co this September. We
are seeking companies that would like to contribute to the ESAPI Evolvd
event by commiting as a sponsor. This 48-hour hackathon will bring
together some of the best talent in the world to build on and improve
the ESAPI offering to the world at large. Focus will be on utilizing the
ESAPI to create secure-by-default implementations of the most popular
web and mobile frameworks. By centering this event not only in the
middle of the country but in close proximity to 2 of the largest tech
start-up cities in the US (Boulder and Louisville) we plan to really
bring the project and project community to the next level with
innovative new ideas and tangible deliverables.

If you or your company is interested in becoming a sponsor in any
capacity of the ESAPI Project please contact me personally and I will be
happy to address any questions that you may have. There will be an
official announcement of the ESAPI Evolvd 2012 event in the coming weeks
and I would like to have at least a few sponsors on board when we share
the exciting news!

If you are interested in supporting the ESAPI project individually -
there will be a secure donation form available as soon as we have the
ESAPI Portal moved to it's new home.

Thanks all for the continued support and I look forward to an awesome
Summer season for ESAPI!

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