[Owasp-leaders] Why it's ok to pay leaders

Kenneth Van Wyk ken at krvw.com
Thu Apr 12 14:08:30 UTC 2012

OK, gotta chime in. I've followed this thread, and frankly, I can't even imagine why it's up for discussion.

If OWASP has money to fund a project/event/whatever, AND

Bidding on that funded effort is open to all, AND

There is a fair and equitable selection process, with appropriate checks and balances, removal of conflicts of interest, AND

An OWASP Leader happens to be selected, THEN

It's a win for everyone.

OWASP gets the effort from the person(s) selected.

The selected person(s) gets revenue for his/her efforts.

I mean, DUH! Why aren't we all doing a face-palm over this non-issue?

Please explain what I'm missing here.


Ken van Wyk

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