[Owasp-leaders] Try Something New...

Justin Searle justin.searle at owasp.org
Tue Apr 10 01:26:46 UTC 2012

While not new advise, one of the best things you can do for your
chapter is schedule the next year worth of meetings in advanced.
Choose to do meetings monthly or quarterly and put a calendar on your
OWASP chapter page.  This will help people plan for the events and
encourage them to share those plans with other.  We avoided doing this
in the SLC chapter due to fact that the chapter leaders were traveling
consultants and couldn't predict our schedule and would schedule
meetings one week in advance on every other month or so.  We finally
just committed to finding someone to lead the chapter meeting even if
none of the official leaders could attend and scheduled the next year
worth of monthly meetings.  Within 2-3 months we doubled our meeting
attendance and also found a lot more volunteers to help present at our
meetings.  If we don't have a volunteer, we always plan on just having
an open hacking night where we just spend some time learning whatever
new tools we've been wanting to play with.  Regardless, most of our
meetings, with or without a volunteer presenter, are hands-on where we
learn more skills.  This also helps drive attendance and distinguishes
us from other groups like ISSA.

Here is another suggestion, which is somewhat new.  Considering
joining forces with other local security groups.  I recently formed a
new group "UtahSec" and merged the local SLC OWASP chapter, our local
DEFCON 801 chapter, and the local Snort Users Group under that UtahSec
title.  We've set up a board with representatives for each group and
try to cycle through subjects in our meeting.  This helped make us
have one strong local security group instead of three weak security

Justin Searle
Managing Partner - UtiliSec

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