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Tobias tobias.gondrom at owasp.org
Sun Apr 1 15:00:51 UTC 2012

Dennis, interesting thought.
Maybe one idea following from that, to learn more about the value/usage 
of what we have: we could start tracking download stats (if we don't 
already do that) of some of our projects. Might give interesting 
indications on what is being used out there.
E.g. we could simply compare the stats for downloads for e.g. 
webgoat/openSAMM/ESAPI?... and possibly for main page hits for 
individual project pages - but please project leads, don't game the 
system... ;-)  )

Just a thought, Tobias

Ps.: btw. one of the main concerns with OWASP project page when I 
present it to others is there is so much and the quality varies greatly 
and some stuff is slightly outdated. And you only find out some of the 
gems by actually going through everything. I like the Stable/Beta/Alpha 
system, but think we could update/improve on that.

On 01/04/12 13:59, Dennis Groves wrote:
> Does anybody know the number of projects we have at OWASP?
> I cant't tell you how many times nor how ofter OpenSAMM has been 
> useful to me or AntiSami - there is so much being left out of this 
> conversation.
> Anytime I have a problem I google OWASP and somebody somewhere has 
> already documented or written some software to address it. I would 
> really hate to see some of those incredibly valuable resources that 
> have not been mentioned get left out...
> OWASP produces so much good; it just seems a bit short sighted I guess 
> to 'pick three' or 'pick nine' or whatever. My point about webgoat is 
> this - we aren't even aware of the value we have created in many cases 
> (eg used to benchmark) so how can we even objectively measure the 
> impact of the projects against each other?
> There must be another approach...
> Dennis
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