[Owasp-leaders] Job Leads on Chapter Mailing Lists?

William Stranathan will at thestranathans.com
Fri Sep 2 10:05:13 EDT 2011

A member of our chapter sent me an email personally asking if it was appropriate to send real, vetted job leads to the chapter mailing list.  I responded on both sides of the coin, which doesn't help much.

I like the idea because:
* It's a down economy.  That may very well be helpful to a chapter member
* It's a professional organization.  One of the benefits of professional organizations is professional networking (who you know)
* Many of our members are college students who might be looking for a job lead
* This particular one has been vetted - i.e., it wasn't just a recruiter calling on a whim - so there's some "quality control" to the post before it goes out

On the other hand:
* Is this going to open the floodgates of spam on our local mailing list?

I had seen in the past there was some discussion about possibly setting up forum software for OWASP.  If this was there, we could at least put job leads or postings into another category so that those interested could look there.

Does the leadership have any thoughts on this?  What has worked in other chapters?  I'm assuming we need to police ourselves on this, act responsibly, etc., but was hoping to see that other chapters have crossed this bridge and found a good way to handle it.

When we have our meetings, I tend to have a slide show on rotation of upcoming events (next meeting, local conferences, AppSec USA, etc.) that show during the meet-and-greet.  We may include more "quality" leads like this (or "see Bob for local job announcements" or something) - but with our meetings being once a quarter or so right now, a few might slip through the cracks.


Will Stranathan
Charlotte OWASP Chapter

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