[Owasp-leaders] Logo Design OWASP Academy-Portal

Martin Knobloch martin.knobloch at owasp.org
Mon Oct 31 19:37:27 EDT 2011

Hi fellow leaders,

Currently, we are very busy to get the OWASP Academy Portal up and running:


This project project should be the access point for educational material
for students and teachers about appsec!
Of course, we can't do without an logo! Of course, we do have ideas!
..but, I am very poor with graphic design!

Anyone with design skills who has time and is willing helping out?
We where thinking about an female (as OWASP sounds female, and Education
has to be sexy) with a graduate hat.
Of course, all better ideas are welcome!

We would like icons / logo's for the following, too:
- (AppSec) teacher
- (AppSec) Student
- Video
- educational material
Of course, there are some icons / logos out there, but I do not know what
about the rights and regulations about using them!

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