[Owasp-leaders] Thomas Ryan - OWASP - OccupyWallStreet - Gawker

Christian Heinrich christian.heinrich at owasp.org
Mon Oct 17 00:04:06 EDT 2011


On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 2:48 PM, Chris Schmidt <chris.schmidt at owasp.org> wrote:
> I have brought this *back* into the open forum of OWASP where it belongs.
> Now to pose the question, what, if anything, does anything in your response
> have to do with the issue at hand.
> Let me just re-paste the quote in question here to eliminate *any* question
> whatsoever about what I am referring to:
> "Ryan said he knows Loyd through their mutual involvement in the Open Web
> Application Security Project, a non-profit computer security group of which
> Ryan is a board member."
> This is about the outward image of the OWASP organization, not YOU or
> whatever it is that you have done/are doing/will do. As such a valuable
> contributor who has been around since before *I* even knew about OWASP I can
> imagine that you understand my concerns about OWASP as an organization being
> associated with either side of this debate or any other political debate.
> So can we please move past the debate of what you did or didn't do and move
> on to the topic of what this email was originally talking about, fixing the
> quote in an article that could align OWASP as an ORGANIZATION with the
> actions described in the article? I am sorry you have recieved threatening
> emails. It would be equally unjust if OWASP became the target of these
> threats, or even worse - if people within the organization became targets
> simply because they are affiliated with this organization.
> I simply want to make sure the organization and OWASP brand is protected
> from the actions of ANY member, and I brought this up at the board meeting
> in MN last month.
> Thank you for you response, perhaps we can move on to the real issue now?
> Again, this has nothing to do with your OWASP involvement - this is about
> misinformation in an article that happens to be about you that is
> potentially damaging to the OWASP brand and organization, as well as
> potentially other individuals that are part of the organization.

The facts are: 1. that no one other than OWASP members have reacted to
the mention of the OWASP "Brand " and 2. the rumor mill will now be
kicked into motion because of Thomas' Ryan emotive e-mail caused as he
is now under duress - note that Thomas completely revealed more than
he had too and neither did he address what you believed you have a
right to know.

Those who participate in open communities still have the fundamental
right to keep aspects of their life private from the public.

I would suggest that you sleep on it and if you believe there is an
issue tomorrow than you can discuss it with Tom Brennan.

Christian Heinrich

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