[Owasp-leaders] WebGoat.NET

Jerry Hoff jerry at owasp.org
Wed Nov 23 02:21:21 EST 2011

Ciao leaders,

I'm several weeks late in announcing this, but WebGoat.NET is now an
official OWASP project.  Over the years, WebGoat has been a tremendously
useful tool for demonstrating security vulnerabilities - hopefully
WebGoat.NET will prove itself equally useful to the .NET crowd over the
next few years.

WebGoat.NET is not a direct port of WebGoat, I'm revamping many of the
labs examples to reflect familiar applications (online classifieds,
social networking, etc..).  However, the spirit is exactly the same, and
should prove to be very valuable in the classroom.  I'll also be
providing videos ultimately for self-study.

The official owasp page is here:

And the source can be downloaded here:

Always looking for volunteers - email or twitter (@jerryhoff) if you are
interested in collaborating.

Jerry Hoff

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