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Hi all,

some feedback on the FOSDEM application below.

We will have to proposed our OWASP talks as part of the other devrooms. The
list is:

   - JBoss.org
   - X.org and OpenICC
   - Open Mobile Linux
   - Graph Processing
   - Mozilla
   - MySQL and Friends
   - Cross Desktop
   - Open Source Virtualization and Cloud
   - Configuration and Systems Management
   - Open Source Game Development
   - World of GNUstep
   - Mono
   - LibreOffice
   - Free Java
   - Jabber/XMPP
   - Legal Issues
   - Perl
   - Hardware Security and Cryptography
   - Embedded
   - Ada
   - Multiserver, microkernel-based operating systems
   - BSD licensed operating systems
   - Open Source Telephony
   - PostgreSQL
   - Smalltalk

any proposals to adapt or propose your topics to one or more of these

I also encourage you to propose a talk as part of the main track:
http://www.fosdem.org/2012/call-main-track (be quick: the deadline was last


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From: Pascal Bleser <pbleser at fosdem.org>
Date: Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 12:18 AM
Subject: [FOSDEM 2012] Devroom not accepted: OWASP
To: Seba Deleersnyder <seba at owasp.org>
Cc: devrooms at fosdem.org, chri at fosdem.org

Hi Seba

Unfortunately, we have not included your devroom request for
OWASP for FOSDEM 2012.

The main reason is that we felt that the OWASP devroom would be
much more of a list of lectures rather than "cross-pollination"
between open source projects.

But we will very soon publish a list of the devrooms at FOSDEM
2012 and you might want to get in touch with some of the devroom
organizers to include one or more sessions on topic/project you
applied for, if you see fit. Stay tuned on http://fosdem.org and
fosdem at lists.fosdem.org for further details.

On behalf of the FOSDEM team,
Pascal Bleser <loki at fosdem.org>       http://fosdem.org/
FOSDEM 2012 ::: 4 + 5 February 2012 in Brussels, Belgium
Free and Opensource Software Developers European Meeting
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