[Owasp-leaders] Input for the Summit by the Greek government

Konstantinos Papapanagiotou conpap at di.uoa.gr
Fri Jan 21 14:43:28 EST 2011

Hi all,

FYI we invited Diomidis Spinellis (http://www.spinellis.gr) who currently
acts as the General Secretariat of Information Systems at the Greek Ministry
of Finance (practically he is responsible for all the infrastructure and
applications that has to do with taxation) to the Summit. Unfortunately, he
won't be available to join us due to his busy schedule BUT we managed to get
him to provide us with some input on issues that he would like OWASP to work
on in order to help governments. See his e-mail below.

Practically this is official input from the Greek government for the OWASP

Now we need to work on this input during the Summit, and come back to him
with some feedback. Now the burden is on us, because Diomidis is waiting for
our feedback on these issues!
This is the most important part as we will be able to use our work at the
Summit to collaborate with the Greek government and potentially use it as a
reference for other governments.

So...what are the next steps? Will these issues fit in in an existing
working session?


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- End-user computing (within the organization).  Flexibility vs security.

- Database transaction auditing.  Performance (space and CPU time) vs

- End-user security vs usability.


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