[Owasp-leaders] Working session on threat modeling

Anurag Agarwal anurag.agarwal at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 20 10:23:53 EST 2011

Hi All - I have received encouraging response to the threat modeling working
session. I am putting the names of the people who have shown interested
below. I know some of you have already added your name under the
Members/Attendees list but I request everyone else to please add your name
there so that we can track everyone and also see if we are going to need one
than one WS on Threat Modeling.

Threat Modeling Working session is last entry under OWASP individual project
track on this page

Neil Matatall
Colin Watson
Mathew Chalmers
Tony UV
Christian Martorella
Steven ven der Baan
Nishi Kumar
Mateo Martinez

Thank you all for participating and if there is anything in particular you
would like to discuss in this session, please email me and I will add it to
the Agenda.


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