[Owasp-leaders] Help with remote participation part of the Summit

dinis cruz dinis.cruz at owasp.org
Tue Jan 18 21:26:16 EST 2011

Hi OWASP leaders

As you hopefully are noticing, the Summit 2011 is gaining a lot of momentum,
but there is one area that I'm still very worried about, since we don't have
anybody taking a good look at it and trying to make it happen (all Summit
Team members are flat out with other activities)

The problem is* "how to handle the remote participation in the Summit's
Working Sessions" *(and the social + night events)
If you look at
http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Summit_2011/Remote_Participants , you will
see a first pass at trying to centralize and organize what will need to be
done, but as you will notice there is not a lot in there :(

<http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Summit_2011/Remote_Participants>Although it
is doable, there is a lot to think about and to plan:

   - How do remote participants register the Working Sessions they want to
   - How do we manage the situation where the Working Session chair is
   participating remotely? (for example the project leader whose project is the
   title of the working session)
   - How do remote participants map out when they are available? (note that
   we have to take into account their time zones (US, Europe, Australia,
   - How much bandwidth do we need to reserve in order to have good uplink
   video/audio streams?
   - What broadcast technology should we use?
   - How to receive the remote participants comments, audio and/or video and
   relay that to the local participants?
   - Who will be responsible for handling the local logistics?
   - Who will be at the Working session writing a transcription of what is
   going on. I.e. doing what (for example) Sandra did for the OWASP Academies
   using http://www.coveritlive.com/
   - How do we expose to the rest of the OWASP and WebAppSec community that
   it will be possible to participate remotely in the Summit?
   - If all is set-up/organized properly, should we temporarily take over
   the OWASP.org home page and push as many visitors to what is going on at the

At the moment, there are enough resources to do a OKish job at providing the
remote participants a feed of what will happen at the Working Sessions, but
my feeling is that with a little bit of work, we can create an amazing
environment,* where the owasp leaders that are not able to physically go to
Portugal, can still be active participants in the Summit.*

Kate is trying to build up this team, so if you are interested and can help,
please talk to her

The other good news is that we still have 3 weeks to make it happen.


Finally, on the topic of bandwidth, we can get a dedicated 2Mb line (fiber)
to the Summit venue just for this. The catch is that it will cost about 2000
Euros. So we either need to find a sponsor, or have a LOT of activity around
remote participation that justifies that investment/cost

Thanks for your help

Dinis Cruz
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