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I think it’s a *very* good idea for OWASP to do some due diligence around any vendors that we use.  But we’ve got to be careful about this.  Is RegOnline less secure than cvent?  Does finding a single flaw make any difference in this calculation?  What’s the opportunity cost of not switching?  How can OWASP effectively audit a vendor?  Etc…





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Hi James,


Just in regard for your first point – what you’re saying is true for the aware consumer who goes through all their creditcard bills regularly and checks this. Most people don’t. 


As for 2 & 3 – couldn’t agree more J 





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Couldn’t resist chiming in.


1.      The risk to the consumer is $0 as credit card companies will reimburse. With that being said, there is an unstated cost to aggravating consumers when this happens. Need a metric around this.

2.      If regonline suffers from SQLI vulnerability, maybe the issue isn’t in OWASP negotiation but in the fact that PCI-DSS needs to have a way for when this is uncovered that their QSA could learn of it? With that being said, when we negotiated with them, did we use our own contract annex?

3.      The biggest risk here is one of brand risk. Imagine if it got out that OWASP uses a site for credit card collection that doesn’t even comply to the top ten…


James McGovern

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