[Owasp-leaders] OWASP Board, Rebooted

Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
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> but I also consider some of those board members real LEADERS to our whole

Oh, I agree 100%. The board members are leaders not just of OWASP, but of
all of WebAppSec. These are folks whom I personally look up to.

But still, a classic mistake of non-profits is to bring in industry experts
as board members, instead of folks who focus on fundraising and strategy. On
that note, I think several board members should consider stepping down and
going back to committee where they are most effective. A board member who is
on committee or regularly discussing operational issues is usually doing it
wrong in the classic sense of a non-profit.

Buanzo, I beseech you to go read http://www.idea.org/board.html to get where
I'm coming from. 

And please, this is not a attack on the board, but a suggestion to make
everyone happier and more effective.


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I agree with you Jim, but I also consider some of those board members real
LEADERS to our whole
community. The amount of energy that some of them feed to the rest of owasp
is clearly amazing. And
I think they are trying to perform a JUST and perfect works:.

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