[Owasp-leaders] OWASP Israel 2010 Summary

Ofer Maor ofer.maor at owasp.org
Tue Jan 4 09:19:26 EST 2011

Hello All,


As 2010 ended, I thought to share with the group my experience and progress
over the last year. 

I "received" the chapter leadership, a little over a year ago, from Ofer
Shezaf (who founded it and chaired it for several years), so it is a good
time to look back and see what we did. 


The Israeli Chapter is a little unique. For a relatively small country, we
have a large chapter (over 700 subscribers), and we have a lot of
representatives of global appsec vendors that have their R&D facilities in
here (such as Imperva, F5's WAF, Checkpoint, IBM' AppScan, Trustwave's WAF,
etc). Thanks to that we can also enjoy a rather unique model of financing.
While we don't have many actual registered OWASP members, we are able to
sponsor each of our events through assistance of such vendors, as well as
local firms.


Over the course of the year  we had 4 meetings and our annual conference. 


Our meetings are hosted (and sponsored) by a single company at a time,
providing the venue and the food/drinks. Our meetings usually have 3-4
lectures, and get a turnover of 50-100 participants. All speakers and
organization is done on an entirely voluntarily basis. One of our big
achievements this year was to extend this activity outside of the circle of
security vendors only. Amdocs  (Billing software vendor), was kind enough to
host one of our meetings, helping the OWASP community while internally
promoting application security, proving to be a great symbiosis between
OWASP and the industry. 


Our annual conference is held every year in a college we cooperate with,
which provides the venue for free. The remaining sponsorship is usually done
by companies. Sponsorship is usually around 300-500$/company and is enough
to cover some food and drinks as well as other expenses (agendas, OWASP
brochures, rollups, etc.). This year's conference had 9 talks in 2 tracks,
and had a turnover of roughly 150 people. 

Conference Info: http://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Israel_2010



Overall, nearly 300 people have attended our activities in 2010. This is
consisted of a  relatively large group of appsec specialists, but also a
large people who are using these meetings to learn about appsec, such as
developers, QA, IT, project managers, etc. 


Our goals for 2011 is to keep increasing our activities, and reaching even
more people outside of the appsec circle, and strengthening the cooperation
with non-security software development organizations. We also want to try
establish a more formal budget and sponsorship model, as operated in many
other chapters. 


Naturally, I am happy to hear inputs, comments, criticism, and any ideas on
what and how we can do better, and of course will be happy to share my
experience with anyone else. 





Ofer Maor

CTO, Hacktics

Chairman, OWASP Israel


Mobile: +972 (54) 6545406

US: +1 (646) 7700646

LinkedIn:  <http://www.linkedin.com/in/ofermaor>

Web:  <http://www.hacktics.com/> www.hacktics.com



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