[Owasp-leaders] Jotto is released as part of the Vicnum project

Mordecai Kraushar mordecai.kraushar at owasp.org
Sat Feb 26 09:45:22 EST 2011


Jotto is similar to vicnum,  it too is a vulnerable web app based on a game
played to kill time.
But it is involves guessing a word not a number and there are other
differences so I thought it warranted a push to sourceforge on the vicnum
project page.

Always a bit awkward to upload or document what might be a ctf but I would
like some eyes on it.  And feel free to include it on related projects like

<FrenchAccent movie="Black Swan")
<b> Writing a good web app is easy. Everyone know how to write a good web
app </B>

But writing a bad web app will take much work and focus.

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