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Laurence Casey larry.casey at aspectsecurity.com
Tue Feb 22 14:55:42 EST 2011

This sounds like we can turn it on now then. Can you point me in to the
process for starting the configuration?


OWASP Director of IT

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I stand corrected, thanks for this Mike.


- Jim

> Hi folks
> Basically you have a dns name such as origin.owasp.org and a 
> www.owasp.org which is a cname to www.owasp.org.edgekey.net.  You can 
> change origin.owasp.org to point to any server, just like you would 
> change it without Akamai in the picture.  The big question is how much

> do you have integrated already.
> In most cases it makes sense to build on the new servers in 
> conjunction with Akamai integration (you use a test hostname for the 
> integration), then flip the whole thing via CNAME at the end.
> On 2/19/11 6:50 PM, "Jim Manico" <jim.manico at owasp.org> wrote:
>> Mike,
>> I'm stoked that Akamai is donating CDN services to OWASP! Awesome!
>> We are changing hosting providers for our wiki to Rackspace or the 
>> like. Its currently hosted at a private company. Do you think there 
>> any reason why we can't flip the Akamai "on" switch now before we 
>> migrate hosting? Or is it better to wait until after we switch
hosting? How much effort is this?
>> I'm of the mind to turn that beast on now - but I'd like your opinion
>> This is a hot topic. If you don't mind, please email the leaders list

>> - many folks are interested in this.
>> Cheers and thank you,
>> -Jim Manico
>> http://manico.net

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