[Owasp-leaders] Owasp Inquiry on "Cenzic patent on 'Fault injection methods and apparatus' "

Rogan Dawes rogan at dawes.za.net
Thu Feb 17 23:41:18 EST 2011

On 2011/02/18 2:57 AM, Tin Zaw wrote:
> I don't think OWASP should get involved in patent disputes between
> Cenzic (or any company for that matter) and other commercial companies.
> Let the markets sort it out on their own.
> As Rex pointed out, wait-and-see approach is a good option that OWASP has.
> Another approach is to ask Cenzic to license the patent free of charge
> to OWASP, as a good-will effort. 
> Cenzic is a player in application security ecosystem that OWASP
> supports, an organizational supporter of OWASP's causes, and Mandeep is
> an active leader in OWASP. I am sure any potential conflicts between
> OWASP and Cenzic can be resolved in a collegial manner. 
> Tin 

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