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I can only respond to the areas I am familiar. The wiki pages that are
protected are not intended to prevent people from contributing, they are to
prevent people from making changes to a very complicated set of templates.
The front page is a template and has many more under it. This is also to
help with a consistent look for those landing on the front page. I'm sure it
also has something to do with what OWASP wants to bring to the front, but I
don't make those decisions. As with the rest of the wiki you will find
additional pages that are protected. These are usually pages that one or a
few people have taken charge of for events. The Summit page would be an


The hiding of mailing lists was discussed in the governance meeting and was
decided to show them. They are now visible in the list and as you pointed
out have always been available to view. The reasoning behind hiding them was
not in any way to prevent view, but to prevent the flood of people trying to
subscribe to them and wondering why they are not approved. 




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I understand where you're coming from, but in practice there are a couple of
kinds. One would be, as I mentioned, the owasp.org homepage and certain
other pages like the Jobs page. I don't have an Edit link...and it's
probably not a bad idea to keep certain pages restricted. To your point,
perhaps I could request edit access...but it's not clear who has the
authority to grant the access (regardless who might have the ability). Also
off-site pages like
https://www.regonline.com/builder/site/Default.aspx?EventID=919827 are
probably not suited for general editability, and in fact if it's owned by a
committee I may be specifically excluded from helping no matter how much I
want to. I've heard that it's simply not allowed to serve on two committees.
Also there are probably certain things that OWASP employees are supposed to
take care of that general OWASP volunteers shouldn't 'help' with...although
it's unclear to me what these things are exactly. One might be mailing
lists. Like I mentioned they're all configured differently and some owners
probably don't really know how to configure them, but only the owner can do
it. Also, some are hidden, like the Board list. Because I know how mailman
works I was able to request a subscription but it's awaiting owner approval
and I suspect I won't be allowed because it's a 'sacred cow'. It's a fine
line we walk between radical openness and being able to discuss
board/committee matters confidentially.


I am interested in hearing others' viewpoints.




On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 4:05 PM, Jim Manico <jim.manico at owasp.org> wrote:

There are no sacred cows. If you are willing to roll up your sleeves, do
some work, donate time, and make things happen, then anything is possible.

- Jim

> I have no doubt about the knowledge and ability (as in capability), I just
> sometimes wonder about OWASP's "sacred cows" like the owasp.org homepage
> general technical infrastructure, and who has the authority and access to
> change them. Not quite the same as creating/editing a wiki page. :)
> -chalmers
> On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 3:35 PM, Chris Schmidt
<chris.schmidt at owasp.org>wrote:
>>  Matthew - there are several people who have the knowledge *and* the
>> ability to make this happen. Don't lose hope, it will get done. :)
>> On 2/17/11 2:28 PM, "Matthew Chalmers" <matthew.chalmers at owasp.org>
>> I just wanted to point this out as a good reason to move from archaic
>> mailman lists to forums (see below). Since all our mailman lists are
>> by different people, they're all configured differently. Apparently I
>> even email the committee to which I belong under certain circumstances.
>> I have a feeling that the forums idea will fade away just like last time,
>> however, because it's not clear who has the authority to decide if it
>> be implemented, and very few people (perhaps only one) have the technical
>> ability (access) to implement it, authorized or not.
>> -chalmers
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