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Laurence Casey larry.casey at aspectsecurity.com
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This topic was discussed in great detail at the summit. The outcome from
the meeting was that as long as the forum can run as a forum and act
like a mailing list, it will be implemented. I am all for forum's, but
can appreciate others point of view. So the goal is to move to forums
and nobody will know the difference other than we will have way more
visibility and functionality.




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I just wanted to point this out as a good reason to move from archaic
mailman lists to forums (see below). Since all our mailman lists are
managed by different people, they're all configured differently.
Apparently I can't even email the committee to which I belong under
certain circumstances.


I have a feeling that the forums idea will fade away just like last
time, however, because it's not clear who has the authority to decide if
it will be implemented, and very few people (perhaps only one) have the
technical ability (access) to implement it, authorized or not.



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