[Owasp-leaders] Fwd: Stepping down as Board Member

Bunyamin Demir bunyamin at owasp.org
Tue Feb 15 08:16:48 EST 2011

Hi Paolo,

I understood.

This situation can not acceptable. So we need to understand why he though
that and we need to fix Dinis's problems :)

I hope, no one will not accept this decision.


On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 3:06 PM, Paolo Perego <thesp0nge at owasp.org> wrote:

> On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 2:01 PM, Bunyamin Demir <bunyamin at owasp.org>
> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > We DO not accept Dinis's decision. Dinis,  If there was a problem to give
> > this decision, please tell us and we can fix all of them!
> > Please, change your mind :) we can not think OWASP without you. Nobody
> can
> > not work like you.
> Dinis is not leaving Owasp, he's just stepping down from being a board
> member to involve himself into Owasp projects.
> So Owasp will gain advantage from Dinis' decision from the project
> point of vire.
> Paolo
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