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John Wilander john.wilander at owasp.org
Mon Feb 14 12:06:22 EST 2011

Eoin, if you write production code weekly you're on my list of coders for
sure. Did not know that. Cred.

2011/2/14 eoin keary <eoin.keary at owasp.org>

> So you are of the opinion that writing code is of paramount importance
> regardless of if its done right?

The "done right" addon can be applied to guidelines and policies too =>
redundant rhetorics. I also believe I wrote "production code" which in my
view says something about quality.

Lets write millions of lines of code that only a few care about
> (consultants) or assist developers to code properly by using teaching aids,
> example driven techniques etc (E.g. The guides).

I don't believe in non-coders teaching coders how to code better. Many OWASP
outreach attempts fail because we're not on the right level. Web 1.5 code
snippets on a Powerpoint slide won't cut it. "Demo or die".

The "teach a man to fish..." principle fits nicely around the guides etc.

Yes. But I don believe in the man reading a pdf guideline. Rather the master
fisher actually fishing with the man. Maybe a webcast (pun intended) to make
it scale.

> Point is just because you write a guide does not mutually exclude you from
> being a coder. I have been writing code for over 10 years but I've also
> assisted with SAMM, ASVS, CRG and TG does that make me a coder or a policy
> writer, can I be both.

As I said above, as long as you're writing production code weekly you
understand coders and can take on that role on the board. Good!

   Regards, John

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