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I'd like to thank Dinis for all your efforts on the OWASP Board and
particularly the amazing Summit that we just finished. His dedication to
openness and transparency has literally created and protected OWASP's unique
place in our industry.


I challenge everyone in OWASP to think for a moment about what Dinis has
done. More than anyone, I think, Dinis has not waited for anyone to tell him
what OWASP needs.  He has taken initiative, tried new ideas, created new
models, and accomplished an amazing amount.


Because of Dinis, I see a very bright future for OWASP, and I'm looking
forward to what he does to help OWASP in the future!





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Owasp leaders, as you can see below I just stepped down as an OWASP Board


I would like to make it very clear that I have no plans to leave OWASP, or
to stop being involved in OWASP projects. OWASP is very special to me and I
will still continue to be very active in a number of OWASP projects.


With the completion of the Summit and the good progress of a number of OWASP
projects I was involved in (OWASP Academies, Certification, O2 Platform,
etc...), I feel that I am at the end of a cycle and am looking forward to
new challenges.


I'm really proud with what we achieved at the Summit, and I think OWASP is
on a great path to make a real difference in Web Application Security.


I plan to blog about my ideas for OWASP in the short term (with a fresh
independence of not being a Board Member) and I'm looking forward to reading
tomorrow the first version of the Summit conclusions document, and in a
couple months the final version.

Thanks for your help, support and friendship ... It really means a lot to me

Dinis Cruz

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Owasp Board,

As mentioned at the Summit, I'm stepping down as an OWASP Board
member, with immediate effect.

I would like to thank you for all the help and support you gave me
over the years and I'm really proud on what we achieved together.

Please remove me from the board mailing list, 'About OWASP' wiki page
and OWASP foundation board of directors list.


Dinis Cruz

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