[Owasp-leaders] Mailing list -> Forum

David dmalloc at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Feb 9 10:37:44 EST 2011

> I know Larry Casey and Jason Li have plans concerning project hosting,
> and a bunch of other goodies.  It's really a matter of getting people to
> use these tools.  forum.owasp.org was up for 6 months and apparently it
> didn't work out last year.  But once we get weened off the 1990's style
> mailing list, we can definitely progress forward.  I was thinking a
> forum is a good first step, but just the first step.  :)
Hello Jerry.

I am not sure whether I should take offence to the 1990's style comment
or not :)
I think the Mailing list is perfectly suited for what we are doing with
it. If archiving and retrieving information is truly an issue, then I am
sure third party open source software exists to take care of that problem.

As you mentioned before, browser based software has an entry hurdle.
Most of us are very happy and familiar with our email clients. We have
our beloved filters, we know where stuff goes and threading works about
100%  better in an email client than on any forum software I have seen.

Collaboration is obviously a completely different issue, but if that was
the case OWASP Could easily use the Google Apps infrastructure and they
would even end up with their very own Jabber network.

So in all honesty, a forum might be a good thing to supplement some of
the longer running discussions and sticky information, but getting rid
of (or making people choose between) the mailing list just sounds
foolish to me.
Thank you


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