[Owasp-leaders] Summit 2011 and OWASP 4.0

Ralph Durkee rd at rd1.net
Wed Feb 9 04:44:33 EST 2011

We had a great dynamic session last night on OWASP Governance, which was a
pre-meet for the Thursday morning session.  Which is 10am local time here
at the Summit, I'm looking forward to this session. It's inspiring to see
the the level of commitment to openness and a commitment to a radical
democracy (or meritocracy as Dinis likes to say) of the board, and to see
the passion and energy that the all of us leaders have for this odd-ball,
ideals driven, organization we call OWASP.

There are some rather radical changes being proposed (which I don't
support) but I think it's great that we can have a civil and yet very
passionate  discussion as we did last night.

-- Ralph Durkee

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