[Owasp-leaders] Mailing list -> Forum

Jerry Hoff jerry at owasp.org
Tue Feb 8 21:23:24 EST 2011

Hi Leaders,

I'm writing to put forth an idea that has been floating around OWASP for
a while, but needs to be implemented. The move from email list -> owasp
forum.  Although the mailing lists are published, I think the general
consensus is that the archives are:

1) hard to find (in some cases you can only access them via forced browsing)
2) definitely not user-friendly for searching

A move to a forum will build a stronger OWASP community (hopefully),
allow for greater transparency among the various chapters, committees
and the board, and will give new members a place to come and more easily
interact with the other members of the OWASP community.   It would leave
searchable record of all the collective OWASP security wisdom in one

So does anyone have any strong opinions on the future of
forum.owasp.org?  Larry Casey has generously offered to set it up, and I
think it would be a huge plus for the community.  As Michael Coates
suggested, we could then start gradually migrating particular volunteer
groups as a beta, and if it works out, we can ultimately migrate more
mailing lists over to a forum. 

We can also port the existing mail lists archives into the forum, for
historical purposes. 

This would give a centralized home for all the regional chapters,
committees, projects, conferences and the board.

So leaders, what say you?

Jerry Hoff

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