[Owasp-leaders] privacy day?

Stanka Šalamun stanka.salamun at acros.si
Thu Feb 3 04:11:40 EST 2011

Yes, and some of us actually celebrated that day. 
In Slovenia our Information Commissioner office prepared an evening event
presenting the awards for organizations and individuals that take a good
care of personal information in databases. They were also playing a movie
"Erasing David" (http://erasingdavid.com/) pointing out that someone with a
moderate social engineering skills and without legal access to government
databases could get enormous amount on personal data about even very
privacy-aware person without bigger problems. As the movie is dated to the
year 2009 (I think) you could gain even much more data like this in year
I am happy to announce that OWASP Slovenia just confirmed that our meeting
on March 9 will be hosting mr. Tomsic from Commissioner office to talk about
"Privacy by Design" in applications. By my knowledge it will be their first
public presentation of the topic and I am really looking forward. I strongly
belive that there is no privacy without security and no real security
without privacy. I am pretty sure some could have strong objections to this,
but ... :) 
Stanka Šalamun,
OWASP Slovenia

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Did anybody know that January 28 was "Privacy Day"? 


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