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Tom Brennan tomb at owasp.org
Fri Dec 9 11:14:22 EST 2011

The local chapter (NYC/New Jersey) invested local chapter funds for print advertising.  We produced a simple AD for OWASP Foundation that will raise awareness, drive additional inquires our community website (that btw is now moved to Rackspace hence the recent blips in service) and who knows... even have a few new folks show up at a meeting (goal)see value in community, elect to become a member and support our activities with additional projects using the OWASP Platform.

Rather than a "chapter ad" promoting a single chapter, I put together a high-level holistic summary ad. Publication will start with Infragard (www.infragard.org) in NYC Chapter in 2012 that has a very large membership and works together with OWASP frequently trading and inviting speakers to discuss security related to critical infrastructure.  We intend to to the same with ISSA, ISACA, NJTC and other publications and upcoming conference events that we are associated with such as ICCS http://www.iccs.fordham.edu/ in 2012 

After searching wiki and inquiry we did not have anything like this for insertion and to date there has been no marketing focus on ad creation or advertising yet... hopefully my terrible artistic skills will rally OUTRAGE AND OFFEND a graphic artist ;) over the holidays to create a few ads and upload them to the wiki for people to utilize in 2012.  I am sure someone wants to fire up <product> and create some cool designs

To start this, I updated our brand awareness page and uploaded the AD experiment (see add/flyers)


I selected to visually highlight the flagship OWASP OpenSamm project as i believe it visually helps people understand how owasp has some solutions (hence the reference to the 140+ projects) to help them in the quest for a improved software security.  The ad was aimed at Business people looking for answers hence (1) of our many targeted demographics.

Personally I would like to see a few OWASP Banners created for OWASP in general -- my foo is in not in the graphics space :(  i think this email took me longer to write then the creation of the ad, new page, redirect and uploading -- so like NIKE says "Just Do It" I am sure the community will comment, but action always speaks louder then words

TGIF -- have a good weekend.

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