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The Global Conferences Committee is working on additional documentation in
this area for rules of engagement however there is a current process to vett
these types of requests as they can be very unique and individual.  If you
want to coordinate a co-marketing agreement with another event, the first
consideration is if the "target" organizations core values line up with
OWASPs.  They do not necessarily need to be as open as OWASP but, for
example we do not regularly partner with for-profit entities.  If the
organization/event meets this basic litmus test, the next step is to enter
the event into the OWASP Conference Management System (
https://ocms.owasp.org) as a partner event for consideration and approval by
the Global Conferences Committee.  There is a space to provide the terms of
the partnership (co-marketing responsibilities et all) and the committee
will usually ask some questions (via embedded comments) and then vote on the

In the future we are working to establish more "rules" in this area but for
the time being are considering events on a case-by-case basis.  We are also
working on blanket co-marketing agreements with larger organizations.  The
first of these is with ISSA and is in the final stages of signature.


On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 7:18 AM, Wojciech Dworakowski <
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> Leaders,
> Could you share your chapter experiences with cooperation with
> security-related events (conferences, etc.)?
> I can not find any written rules in Chapter Handbook, Code of ethics
> or "brand usage rules".
> Our chapter is asked about partnership during commercial conferences
> and workshops. Usually they want us to spread the word about the event
> through our channels (mailing list, twitter, facebook, etc.) and use
> OWASP logo at event page (as partner). In return they are giving us:
> - minimum: logo at conference page/materials/venue,
> - maximum: possibility to talk at the conference about OWASP projects
> and discounts for OWASP members.
> Until this time, decision was made each time individually, taking into
> consideration how much we (as OWASP) can benefit from the event. But I
> (as a chapter leader) would feel much more comfortable if I could
> point conference organizers to clear and written rules which kind of
> events we can support and
> what are the conditions.
> Sorry, if this was discussed in the past, but I really can't find any
> information.
> Examples of events:
> Future:
> http://secure.edu.pl/en/index.php
> http://www.liquid-nexxus.com/index.php/events/sasma-business-security-conference/
> Past:
> http://2011.confidence.org.pl/lang-pref/en/
> Regards
> --
> Wojtek Dworakowski
> OWASP Poland Chapter Leader
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