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Congrats to newly elected members J 


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The OWASP Global Membership Committee is happy to present the results of the
2011 OWASP Board election.  Congratulations to Michael Coates, Dave Wichers
and Sebastien Deleersnyder for winning the three available board seats.


More information about the results includes:


Turnout: 771 (46.2%) of 1670 electors voted in this ballot.


What Are Your Candidate Selections for the 2011 OWASP Board Election?

Michael Coates     524 (31.0%)

Dave Wichers     460 (27.2%)

Sebastien Deleersnyder     423 (25.0%)

Christian Heinrich     286 (16.9%)



Answered Questions1693 (96.6%)

Abstain 60 (3.4%)



More information on the election can be found here:



We would like to extend our thanks to both candidates and voters.

Thank you for your participation in OWASP and we look forward to your
continued involvement.




Dan Cornell

Chair, OWASP Global Membership Committee



Kate Hartmann

Operations Director


www.owasp.org <http://www.owasp.org/>  

Skype:  Kate.hartmann1


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