[Owasp-leaders] Let's not lose Sarah Baso too (22.5k USD needed)

Dinis Cruz dinis at ddplus.net
Thu Aug 18 06:55:12 EDT 2011

On the topic of OWASP administrative/support resources (following on from Larry's thread), let's not lose Sarah Baso too.

I'm going to assume that most of you (by now) have seen Sarah Baso in action and understand that it would be a catastrophic error for OWASP to lose her (if you have questions please raise them, and I'm sure that there will be enough stories and comments to change your mind)

To cut a long story short, after Sarah's amazing performance at the last Summit, the idea was to hire Sarah as a Full Time OWASP contractor/employee.

In terms of compensation Sarah (who has a degree in Law btw), took into account OWASP's financial situation and how much she loves our community, and asked for a very modest and reasonable 20 USD per hour. This would be the equivalent of 160 USD per day (8h day), 800 USD per week and 3,600 a month and 43,200 a year). Of course that Sarah will work (on average) more than 8h a day, so anywhere you look at this it is a great deal for OWASP.

The problem is that since the OWASP board has devolved the funds to the OWASP committees and chapters (which is a good thing) there are not enough central funds to cover this cost, and so far, the ones with funds have not come together and created a solution for this.

So here is my request, for the ones with funds available (committees and chapters),  PLEASE come together and commit 22,500 USD (25.500 USD in some parts of the world :) ) to cover for 6 months of Sarah's salary (and create time for a more permanent solution). I would propose that this would be from the 1st of July till the 31st of December (since Sarah has been already putting the hours since).

Sarah SHOULD not be seen as a volunteer. She provides admin and infrastructure support which NEEDS to be paid.

FYI, this thread started at BlackHat last week week when I realised to my horror that Sarah's contractual situation was still not resolved (I think at the time there was only 5k USD been made available for specific work on a couple committees). I spoke to her at length, and she is still very motivated to work for OWASP. She has great  ideas for how OWASP could be organised and where she can help, BUT, after asking too many times, she has given up in asking for a solution (she is also happy to have this 'personal' conversation in public). The ball is on our court, so let's make this happen!

Finally, there are other ways to raise this 22.5k USD, but before we go down those roads, we need to know how much funds can OWASP commit to Sarah.

Let's not lose Sarah too.....

Dinis Cruz

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