[Owasp-leaders] Open Source Project Ideas

Jason Li jason.li at owasp.org
Fri Aug 5 19:48:47 EDT 2011


As you already know, we are hosting an Open Source Projects Showcase at
AppSec USA 2011 (http://appsecusa.org/oss.html).

In addition to OWASP Projects, we would like to reach out to projects
outside of OWASP. Based on the talk tracks, we should try and invite open
source projects in those spaces.

I'm not an expert on each of these track topics, so I was hoping some folks
would chime in with some ideas (or connections):
New Attacks & Defenses: Snort? Wireshark?
Cloud Security: Apache Hadoop? OpenStack? Nimbus? Eucalyptus? OpenNebula?
Reservoir Framework?
Mobile Security: Android? MeeGo?
Software & Architecture Patterns for Security: Spring Security? Apache
Struts? Hibernate Validator?
Secure SDLC: JUnit? Confluence? Secure CI?
Software Assurance: FindBugz? Checkstyle? Sonar? FxCop? PMD?

Does anyone have any thoughts on the above of any other suggestions?

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