[Owasp-leaders] University role on improving the Software Security

Carlos Serrão carlos.serrao at owasp.org
Fri Apr 29 06:32:50 EDT 2011

Dear OWASP Leaders, 
I'm sorry to send this message to everyone, on such a topic that might not be of interest of everyone, but I need some help with this.

I have a presentation to make at a public event here at the University where I would like to talk about the how the University can help improve the security of the Software industry - the topic of the event is "Companies powered by Universities" and we would like to exploit how the relation between the companies and universities can be profitable is both ways.

I will give my presentation as an inside view of OWASP (I'll represent our chapter at the event) of this relationship and how Universities can play an important role in the improvement of security on the sofware industry.

I would like to know if you can point me to some material already existing from which I can use to base and prepare my presentation. Can you help with this?

Thank you so much...

Best regards.

Carlos Serrão
Assistant Professor @ ISCTE-IUL School of Technology and Architecture
Researcher and Project Manager @ Advanced IS/IT Research Center (ADETTI-IUL)
Chapter Leader @ OWASP at PT


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