[Owasp-leaders] OWASP current investment plan and budget available to OWASP Leaders

Lucas Ferreira lucas at sapao.net
Thu Apr 21 13:49:29 EDT 2011

Hello Dinis and all,

is this pre-approved budget for OWASP leaders still available? How
does it work? Where in the wiki should we publish the details?



On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 14:05, dinis cruz <dinis.cruz at owasp.org> wrote:
> HI OWASP leaders,
> Somehow we failed to announce this properly, so here are the details of the
> current OWASP 150k investment plan that the board approved at the last OWASP
> AppSec DC in Irvine (you can see the full agenda here and what was decided
> here)
> 2. Based on budget, move approx. 200k to a long term CD
> 3. Every (6) months review and invest in long term goals approx 150k
> 50k for the OWASP Summit 2011
> 9k has been approved to proceed and hire Sandra and 6k for operational
> charges.
> 30k pre-approved budget for OWASP Leaders (chapters and projects) - starting
> with 5k Testing Guide, 5k Developer Guide and 5k Testing Guide (to be
> defined within 30days)
> up to 500 USD the leader can proactively spend the money (and then put the
> details on the WIKI)
> up to 2500 USD the leader needs to publish the details on the WIKI and if
> there is no comment/issue the expenditure is approved
> 9k has been approved to proceed and hire _______ and 6k for operational
> charges for college chapters program.
> 10k for project review funds (to be distributed as "OPoints"). OWASP Points
> has been approved for 20 projects reviews. Each project review rewards with
> travel/hotel to come to OWASP conferences
> 30k approved for board driven initiatives
> Item #2 are the current OWASP annual operation expenses (i.e. OWASP has
> enough money in the bank to run for 1 year without income)
> Item #3 is the current 150k USD investment plan (which will be evaluated and
> revised at the next Summit (Feb 2011))
> The number  hat is more relevant to you (OWASP Leaders) is the 30k which has
> been allocated to you and it is your responsibility to use it wisely :)
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