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Rohit -

This is a ongoing GPC Project right now, there will actually be several 
"stages" for projects:

Incubator - This is new projects just getting underway

Labs - This is where projects start to become mature, release quality

Mainstream - Projects that have established communities and are mature

Enterprise - Projects that are "Enterprise-Ready" - they have dedicated 
support and development staff, published documentation and are for all 
intents and purposes a "Finished Product"

Graveyard - Projects that have died on the vine, or there is no longer a 
need for

While this is a very brief overview of the large undertaking the GPC is 
working on around this very problem - it should give you an idea of what 
is coming over the next several monthes in regards to projects.

I don't have the link readily available, but Jason Li can almost 
certainly provide you with a good link that discusses these initiatives 
in greater detail.

On 4/7/2011 10:07 AM, Sethi, Rohit wrote:
> Hi all, one challenge a few people have articulated over the years is 
> that there are too many OWASP projects and their quality varies 
> dramatically. One way the committees have addresses this is to create 
> the concept of "Alpha", "Beta", and "Release" quality projects with 
> specific gating criteria for each. I think this is a good first step, 
> but it's still challenging for people to determine which projects are 
> really usable and which ones are experimental in the OWASP site.
> Some people have argued that we should simply contract and focus on a 
> few major projects. I respectfully disagree -- it alienates hard 
> working volunteers and potentially stifles innovation. On the other 
> hand, there is something to be said about good information hiding and 
> not overwhelming the site's users.
> I know that there's an ongoing project to redesign the OWASP site. 
> Maybe as part of that redesign we can suggest breaking the projects 
> into "production" and "incubator"? This is basically mirroring the 
> Apache project process: http://incubator.apache.org/ . All new 
> projects would start in the incubator and would be promoted to the 
> production site based on some criteria, such as actual usage.
> BTW, I'm still waiting on hearing back from Jacob Kaplan-Moss about 
> the security advisory list. I'll get back to you when I have some 
> feedback.
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