[Owasp-leaders] OWASP Threat Modeling Project - Call for Volunteers/Contributors

Anurag Agarwal (OWASP) anurag.agarwal at owasp.org
Mon Apr 4 12:59:21 EDT 2011

Hi Guys - We had a good working session on OWASP threat modeling methodology
at OWASP Portugal summit. I have updated the discussion points with next
steps on OWASP Threat Modeling project page.

We are currently seeking volunteers to contribute to the project. I am
copying the next steps from the wiki page to the mail below.

1. High level project roadmap with milestones.
2. Call for participants
3. Review existing resources within OWASP to align with threat modeling
4. Come up with a threat modeling methodology
5. Publish the first draft

Please subscribe to the mailing list

Feel free to reach out to me in case you have any questions or need
additional information.


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