[Owasp-leaders] JBroFuzz New Project Lead

Yiannis Pavlosoglou yiannis at owasp.org
Thu Sep 30 07:28:14 EDT 2010

Hi all,

After 25 (with the upcoming) releases for JBroFuzz, I think it's time
to hand it over.

The new leader, who is also a member of the development team is going
to be Ranulf Green.

Coming also from a penetration testing background here in London,
Ranulf has proved himself in implementing rather complicated fuzzing
tasks and has thus far being happy in building on our existing

Not aiming to leave anyone with the impossibilities of reasoning that
leaders sometimes face, I will also continue to contribute to this
project until our developers plus the new lead feel comfortable with
the transition.

I trust you all in welcoming Ranulf to the leaders list and wish him
every bit of success towards the ultimate goal: putting 1 million
fuzzing requests on the wire, in under 1 second, with 1Mb of heap!

Thank you,


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