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Lorna Alamri lorna.alamri at owasp.org
Mon Sep 27 10:40:26 EDT 2010

OWASP Leaders,
We've had a few questions about the $2000/ USD per person cost. This is an
average cost per person and should include all transportation costs as well
as lodging, venue, food and entertainment.

Airport: As long as location is within 50 km of a major airport venue will
be considered.


On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 11:10 PM, Lorna Alamri <lorna.alamri at owasp.org>wrote:

> OWASP Leaders,
> We are looking for a venue for the Global Summit to be scheduled for four
> days sometime between January 15th, 2011 and February 15th, 2011. The Global
> Summit committee is requesting proposals from OWASP Leaders for venues. We
> will need your proposal by the October 4th. Proposal can be in rough draft
> format with estimated pricing, we just need to know who is interested in
> helping to put together the Global Summit to be held this coming January/or
> February and rough estimates of pricing for a particular location.
> We are also looking for more volunteers to help with planning for the event
> so please respond if interested.
> Venue Requirements:
> Key organizer in close contact with venue.
> Hosting:
> 30- 100 people
> Cost:
> $2000 USD/ per person to include facility, lodging, food, beer and
> transport to and from location. ( this should be an all-inclusive cost per
> person, with the assumption that OWASP members will room together 2-4
> depending on number of beds in room/apartment)
> Duration:
> 4 days
> Dates:
> Will be scheduled between Jan 15th and Feb 15th
> Facility requirements:
> 3-6 meeting rooms
> 1 large meeting room to hold all attendees (estimate for 75-100) e.g.
> auditorium
> Lodging should be part of  conference facilities or within walking distance
> of venue.
> Internet - what is bandwidth available? Must be sufficient for a group used
> to high bandwidth.
> Rooms:
> To be shared by attendees - need to understand how many attendees to a
> room/suite/apartment. Apartments preferred
> 4-5 star hotel.
> Food:
> Local Food supplier which has been pre-negotiated with hotel.
> Airport:
> Venue must be within 50 km's max from International airport.
> We'd love to bring the OWASP Summit to your city so please put together a
> proposal and consider putting together a proposal.
> Thanks
> OWASP Global Summit 2011 Planning Committee

Lorna Alamri

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