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Just to throw an idea out there ­ a good friend of mine has started an
e-Learning company called Sympoz that I think would be a pretty good
platform for doing OWASP work. I have spoken to him about this briefly and
he is very interested. The platform is in beta right now and I am helping
him to evaluate it for functionality (and eventually, security) but I would
love to hook up OWASP and Sympoz as an option for an educational platform.
If nothing else ­ this could be something that we can possibly talk about at
the OWASP Summit in Feb?


On 10/23/10 6:37 AM, "Sebastien Gioria" <sebastien.gioria at owasp.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> Actually, I talk with them to be an academic supporter and have proposed a
> course on WebAppSec (outside OWASP but it could be OWASP course when we have
> one...)
> Them take a decision for the next academic year (usaully decision will be in
> April/May 2011 for course in end 2011)
> On Oct 22, 2010, at 6:15 PM, Sandra Paiva wrote:
>> Hi Sebastien,
>> I think that your question below is definitely one of the many that will have
>> to be discussed and clarified in the process of creating this new area of
>> work. I have been studying the Global Education Committee page and have
>> noticed that there is work already done that seems to be moving into this
>> direction.
>> In my view, throughout this discussion process various things will have to be
>> defined ­ these are some of them but I am sure that many more will come to
>> the table:
>> - how the work already done by the GEC relates to the concept of the OWASP
>> Academies,
>> - in which areas do these two areas overlap and how do we unify them,
>> - how can we move forward on the attempt of consolidating the relationships
>> already established with Universities,
>> - how do we build a way to penetrate Academic Institutions¹ curricula and
>> course structure,
>> - what type of collaboration will we provide to the universities and in what
>> terms ­ do we suggest OWASP Project leader¹s participation as trainers on the
>> modules related to OWASP? Do we expand the GEC¹s idea of Training the
>> Trainers who will, in the Universities, give the OWASP related courses?
>> - can we create conditions to have this training paid for by the Universities
>> so as to promote an area of income to OWASP and the Project leaders involved?
>> - what do we expect from the universities in return?
>> We have already situations where some sort of collaboration with different
>> Academic institutions has been established ­ the experience of those involved
>> will surely be extremely helpful for the discussion.
>> I think that if we could brainstorm on this,  formulating questions and
>> trying to find good answers to give them, gathering the feeling and
>> experience of all from our community interested and willing to be involved,
>> we would be able to go to the Summit with the basis for a productive work
>> session from which some guidelines and concrete points of action could be
>> drawn.
>> Just my 2 cents.
>> Sebastien, regarding the examples you pointed out below, may I ask what steps
>> is the France Chapter taking with the Bordeaux University? Do you think it
>> would be useful if I get involved? I would like to, if you don¹t see a
>> problem with that.
>> Sandra
>> Sandra Paiva
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>> Just to be clear,
>> What's the differences between OWASP education supporter and futur OWASP
>> academies ? 
>> We (France) have ISEP as a supporter, and we are in the process with another
>> university (Bordeaux France) for setting up a Course on WebAppSec.
>> Is this an academie ? Or could this be count as a supporter ?
>> S.
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>> On Oct 21, 2010, at 4:17 PM, Sandra Paiva wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I have been asked by the OWASP Board to start off the process of designing
>> and building a new concept that will be closely linked to the training
>> activities promoted by OWASP and that intends to take this area one step
>> further.
>> The idea is to create what we will call OWASP Academies ­
>> http://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Academies.
>> The OWASP Academies will be a frame under which work should be done with
>> Universities, Polytechnic Institutes, IT Schools and other Academic
>> institutions with a view to establish solid relationships and develop with
>> these organisms ways to collaborate and participate in the design of courses
>> focused on web application security.
>> OWASP has the knowledge and critical mass to give an invaluable input to any
>> Academy focusing on this area ­ both by contributing with its expertise in
>> the definition of curricula and course contents that explore and study the
>> web security field and by making available to the Academy its pool of
>> interested and willing security experts as trainers.
>> As mentioned above, this concept is just at its beginning and we do not have,
>> as of yet, a clear methodology or set of rules to implement what hopefully
>> will be a new area of work for OWASP. What is clear, however, is that to make
>> this happen we will need your input and ideas, your energy and your
>> initiative. Moreover, as we are planning to include this discussion in one of
>> the Working Sessions to be held in the upcoming OWASP Summit 2011, this would
>> be the perfect timing to gather your input and contributions.
>> Being so, if you have contacts within your local academic communities and
>> would like to be involved in the design and development of this  concept,
>> please do get back to me with your thoughts!
>> I am looking forward to hearing from you!
>> Regards,
>> Sandra
>> Sandra Paiva
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